Mechanical Engineering

Mr. K. Mahesh

Assistant Professor
: M. Tech - Indian Institute of Technology Madras
: -
Mr. K. Mahesh has joined the institute in 2016.
Key Research Interests
  • Sheet metal forming processes (Simulation and Experimentation).
  • Bulk metal forming processes (Experimentation).
  • High temperature deformation studies of materials and its structure – properties corelation.
  • Microstructure modifications to alter the properties and performance of the materials.
  • Powder metallurgy route to address strength to weight ratio of the automobile components.
  • Production of metallic foams.
  • Optimization of machining parameters for cost effectiveness.
Research Publications (International Journals)
  • Apurv kumar, P. Viswanath, K. Mahesh, M. Swati, P M Vinay Kumar, A. Abhijit and Swadesh Kumar Singh, 2010, "Prediction of Spring back in V – Bending and Design of Dies Using Finite Element Simulation", International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, Vol. 39 (3-4), pp 313-323.
  • Swadesh Kumar Singh, Amit Kumar Gupta and K. Mahesh, 2010, " A study on the extent of ironing of EDD steel at elevated temperature", CIRP Journal of manufacturing Science and Technology, Vol. 3 (1), pp 73-79.
  • Swadesh Kumar Singh, K. Mahesh, Apurv kumar and M. Swati, 2010, “Understanding Formability of Extra Deep Drawing Steel at Elevated Temperature Using Finite Element Simulation", Materials and Design, Vol. 31 (9), pp 4478-4484.
  • Swadesh Kumar Singh, K. Mahesh and Amit Kumar Gupta, 2010, " Prediction of mechanical properties of extra deep drawn steel in blue brittle region using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)", Materials and Design, vol.31 (5), pp 2288-2295.
  • K .Mahesh, S. Sankaran and P. Venugopal, 2012, "Microstructural Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Powder Metallurgy Dual Phase Steel Preforms", Journal of Materials Science and Technology, vol.28 (12), pp 1085-1095
  • . K .Mahesh, S. Sankaran and P. Venugopal, 2013, " Formability and microstructural characterization of sintered powder metallurgical preforms of dual phase steel", Materials Performance and Characterization (MPC), Journal of ASTM International, Vol.2(1), pp 105-119.
Conferences Attended (International / National)
  • K. Mahesh, S. Sankaran and P. Venugopal, 2010, " Studies on Micro Alloy Dual Phase Steel through Powder Metallurgy Route", International Symposium for Research Scholars (ISRS) on Metallurgy, Materials Science and Engineering.
  • Swadesh Kumar Singh and K. Mahesh, 2009, "Evaluation of Friction in Deep Drawing Under Warm Conditions", National Conference on Recent Advances in Manufacturing Technology, Shastra, TN, March 14-15, pp 199-204.
  • Swadesh Kumar Singh, K. Suresh and K. Mahesh, 2009, "A note on design considerations in flow forming using deep drawing set up", National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering” July 1-2, 2009, SNIST, Hyderabad. pp 1 – 6.
  • Apurv kumar, P. Viswanath, K. Mahesh, M. Swati, P. M. Vinay Kumar, A Abhijit and Swadesh Kumar Singh, 2009, " Design of dies in V – bending using Finite Element Simulation", National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering” July 1-2, 2009, SNIST, Hyderabad. pp 72 – 78.
Professional Experience
  • Research Associate (24-09-2008 to 13-07-2009
    • Investigations of EDD steels on its Mechanical properties, Characterization and Deep drawing at warm working temperatures
    • All kinds of operations were carried out both experimentally and by using finite element analysis (Dynaform simulations) for determining optimum conditions where material exhibits better properties.
  • Lecturer in RGUKT- Basar (20-07-2011 to Till date)
    • Teaching and Research in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engg. and in Mechanical Engg
Hands on Experience of Major Instruments
  • High temperature UTM (100 kN)
  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Creep machine
  • FE-SEM
  • XRD