Central Library

Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies

Catering to the Educational Needs of Gifted Rural Youth of Telangana


RGUKT library was started in November 2008. It was started with 740 volumes with 2000 students and 50 members staff. Now today January 31st 2022 it comprises of 32849 volumes & 1703 titles, with 7500 students and 350 staff. Library is the stepping stone for learning every aspectof our life.

Today, the advent of information technology has resulted in reducing the size of libraries.In fact, these smaller modern libraries are rich potential of information. It has been possible due to the digitization of information. The digital and electronic information is based on digitized data information, which has gradually replaced paper-based records. As the visual information system in comparison to text based information system is getting more and more popular these days, the traditional libraries are becoming hybrid libraries as they are in the process of doing digitization of their documents and moving towards to become digital libraries.

The RGUKT pedagogy allows all sort of study materials in form of soft copies accessible to the students and to the faculties as well. However, the need of library emerged to fulfill the least possible (though not obvious) imbalance in communication caused by electronic materials. The library is designed to help the students to increase their understanding by providing books of benchmark standard of all subjects. The students can borrow, share, read and can avail photocopy(limited to books / chapters of high demand) via the faculty concerned. Generally speaking, the library aims at providing the necessary information and making them available to all the users in the appropriate time as well as it seeks affording and organizing balanced sets of books and other information sources to go hand in hand the university curriculum and presenting them the researchers and users using the both traditional and modern (electronic)getting back methods.Providing, organizing and making available for use a modern and rich set of specialized information sources.Contributing in publishing, keeping, organizing and getting back the copies made in the university.To teach the students and the staff in the use of the library and to develop their information skills;