• Vision

    • The main vision of the department is to build need based economical and sustainable technologies for grassroots development of rural lifestyle and economy.
    • To address the critical issues of rural telangana, mainly in agriculture and health sector. To impart education on interdisciplinary domains (viz. Bioinformatics, Biomedical & Biomaterial etc) and fundament aspects of biodiversity, ecology, environment and sustainability issues (key to nation’s economical and social prosperity).
  • Mission

    • Research Goals: No other science has been as pervading and amalgamating as biological sciences. Not only integration with other disciplines is important for its manifestation but the molecular understanding of living processes has been inspiring for innovative applications in engineering and crucial for maneuvering matter on the living scale.
    • The main thrust areas of research of the department are as follows:
      • Bioinformatics: The major thrust is on developing novel algorithms for biological analysis and deriving biological implications from sequence analysis and structural predictions.
      • Agriculture: Development of biofertilizers, neutraceutical (medicinal foods) and harnessing sustainable energy and useful industrial products from agricultural and food waste.
      • Environment remediation: The major focus has been development of economical and efficient water purification technologies with the integration of nanoscience and screening of different plant based materials as molecular sieves.
      • Sustainable technologies: The current focus of the department is to utilize biological resources to recycle products and derive energy or useful industrial products from waste. There is also impetus on building resilient materials from biological sources and developing eco-friendly products with the aid of interdisciplinary pursuits.
      • Biophysical chemistry of proteins: The fundamental aspects of the structural and functional attributes of novel proteins are endeavored using biophysical, molecular biology and biochemical techniques to discern the fundament biological paradigms and gain insight into the biological role of such proteins.
      • Drug design and development: The in silico method of rational drug design and development of different nano biocompatible materials and validating the efficiency of drug in vitro and in vvio approaches are the major areas being focused by the department.