SWAYAM and NPTEL Coordinator: Mr. S.Chand Rakesh Roshan, Asst.Professor , RGUKT Basar

Credit Transfer: RGUKT Basar is the first university in Telangana to adopt Credit Transfer through SWAYAM NPTEL from 2017 onwards.

Summary on MOOC's::
Total number of Certifications completed so far by our students (as on Feb 2023) : 2211
Total number of students having topped the courses : 164
Total number of Faculty having completed FDP by MOOC's (as on Feb 2023) : 42
Total Number of Faculty having completed the Refresher Courses by MOOC's (as on Feb 2023) : 06

SWAYAM Portal: https://swayam.gov.in

Link for details of Courses: https://swayam.gov.in/NPTEL