Vision and Mission


The vision of the University is to provide quality engineering education to meritorious rural youth deprived of this opportunity, through an innovative blend of modern computer assisted, learner-centric instructional methodology along with rigorous traditional teaching in a world class ambiance. This vision is driven by the main causes that most of the talented rural youth wishing to pursue higher education
  • Have no access to renowned and world class institutions and facilities
  • Come from economically impoverished background that severely inhibits their choices and passions.
It is in the light of this background that the University envisages to provide the requisite high quality education to these students and thus enable them
  • To experience educational standards in Engineering education that are of world-class
  • To enroll in a top technical University that provides free education to the deserving 1% of the creamy layer of students who have passed out of the X class.


  • To create a Knowledge Hub for producing qualified manpower possessing Post Graduate and Doctoral qualification in different branches of Engineering.
  • To develop the campus as a highly research-centric institute.
  • To promote and propagate innovative teaching and research programs and create specialized centers of Learning/Training.
  • To help the students launch on a path of self discovery.