Research & Development RGUKT Basar


  1. To create inquisitiveness among the students and faculty members towards innovation.
  2. To encourage in acquiring new updated scientific knowledge to design and develop novel methodologies and tools in the fields of sciences & humanities, engineering and technology.
  3. To encourage team work from all departments for interdisciplinary research.
  4. To utilize internship program as an opportunity to understand the industrial problems and work towards solving these problems which would eventually results in collaborations, also provide funding for research activities.
  5. To enhance the consultancy services through collaborations with other universities/industries/colleges for mutual benefits.
  6. To give an exposure of various opportunities available to show off their innovativeness and talent at International/National conferences and workshops.
  7. To encourage the researchers to apply and work on funded research projects sponsored by various funding agencies.

“Faculty/Students are encouraged to approach R&D cell for any assistance to make your innovative ideas into practicality and collectively work towards the fame of our university”

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