SC/ST Cell

Activites of SC/ST Cell

The SC/ST Cell was established in the university to co-ordinate with the university authorities in the implementation of the various policies and programmes launched by the Central Government, MHRD, UGC and State Government for the benefit of the SC/ST students.

It also undertakes the activities to develop awareness among the SC/ST students, especially from the rural areas. The staffs of the Cell are actively engaged in coordinating and solving the problems in matters of admissions. They also announce details of government scholarships and fellowships through circulars to the SC/ST students. The Cell concentrates on accommodation of men and women students in hostels, and the implementation of the rules of reservation in appointments as well as in the allotment of quarters to SC/ST employees.

The SC/ST Cell is Monitoring the Following Activities of the University

  • The SC/ST Cell is giving wide publicity through circulars to all the faculties and informs the students about the various scholarships; namely, Post-Metric Scholarship, Telangana Higher Education Special Scholarship, Meritorious Scholarship, P.G. Women Scholarship, and other scholarships, and fellowships.
  • The SC/ST Cell has taken up the problems of the SC/ST students and employees with the university authorities and has solved some of them amicably. The cell, in the ultimate analysis, has been a user friendly counsellor to all SC/ST employees and students
  • The SC/ST Cell is also helping the SC/ST Research Scholars in getting the University Fellowship from the university and the government.
  • The Cell is implementing various schemes of the MHRD and University Grants Commission with the objective to improve the learning levels of Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe candidates to bring them up to the general level of the other communities.
  • The SC/ST Cell provides guidance to various University Committees in respect of promotions/recruitment for the latest rule position concerning SC/ST reservations.
  • The Cell takes due care in establishing the Book Bank and Book Grants for the SC/ST students of the university. The Cell also advises the students to utilise the facilities of the Book Bank and to borrow books depending on availability.

Special Activities of the SC/ST Cell

The University of RGUKT-IIITBasar has started the special activities so as to tune the students belonging to SC/ST.
  • Remedial English Coaching Class.
  • CSAT Coaching Class.
  • Coaching Classes for GATE & CAT.
  • Bank Coaching Classes.
  • Placement coaching classes.