Software Development Cell

Software Development Cell (RGUKT BASAR)


RGUKT Basar SDC is a team of Software engineers who design, develop and extend maintenance services for software and websites to fulfill the IT needs of the institution. This Cell coordinates with the ITSCC (IT Services Coordination Committee) of the institute for deploying IT services.

  1. Examination Database Design & Maintenance
  2. Certificate Design
  3. Hostel Management System
  4. Admission Process
  5. Outpass Management System
  6. Mess Management System
  7. Online Convocation Services
  8. Online Attendance Management System
  9. Bio-metric Attendance Management Application(BAMA)
  10. Traning and Placement Management System
  11. Alumni
  12. Digitization of Content
  13. Survey Management System
  14. Online Notices
  15. University Website Design & Maintenance
  16. Online e-complaint Management System
  17. Employee Management System
  18. Students e-profile Management System

Software Development Team

Krishna Bavandlapally

Software Engineer

Sunitha Vemula

Software Engineer

Santhosh Reddy Katam

Software Engineer

Hari Krishna Bandi

Webmaster(i/c) (Mentor)