Challenge Revaluation

Challenge Revaluation:

  1. In case a Student is not satisfied with the grade received after reverification in a course(s) he/she can avail the facility of Challenge Revaluation.
  2. A student should apply for Challenge revaluation within a week (7 days) from the date of declaration of reverification result of the particular course for which he/she is seeking challenge revaluation.
  3. The answer booklet of the course will be revaluated according to the marking scheme provided by the question paper setter.
  4. If There Is Any Change In Marks (Equal (Or) Above 15% Of The Maximum Marks), New Marks Will Be Awarded To The Student. Otherwise, There Will Be No Change In Old Marks.
  5. If The Change in Marks (Equal (Or) above 15% of the Maximum Marks) Occurs, An Amount Of Rs. 9,000/- Will Be refunded To The Student. Otherwise, The Student Will Forfeit The Total Amount ( Rs.10,000/-) Which He / She Paid.
  6. With or without change in marks, along with the result, the student will also be provided with the photocopy of answer booklet for the course in which he/she has applied for Challenge revaluation.