In case a Student is not satisfied with the grade awarded in a course(s) he/she can apply for reverification in the course(s).


  1. A student should apply for reverification within 15 days from the date of declaration of result.
  2. Students must submit their application to the examination section in the institute indicating clearly the subject in which reverification is to be made.
  3. Application must be accompanied by a demand draft for the prescribed fee per course drawn in favor of the Director towards the subject(s) opted for reverification process.
  4. Sum of the total marks obtained by the student will be checked by the evaluator during reverification. Marks already awarded for a particular question will not be altered
  5. However the evaluator will award marks to a particular answer according to the key sheet in the event of any of the following:
    a. If the answer is awarded zero mark.
    b. If the answer is not evaluated 
  6. In case of any changes in marks after reverification is done, the higher of the original and reverified marks shall be taken as the final marks.